Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Just by looking at a calender most can tell the best fishing in the Great Lakes is right around the corner. Today, as I was making my ritualistic drive back from the lakeshore I realized all the falgs were pointing to the west, meaning the wind was coming from the east. A couple days of that (their in the forecast tomorrow also) will cool off Lake MI big time. Add in the rain we have had, and should be getting, the simple equations equals out to fall runs really being right around the corner, maybe next week

I have been in a daze of yard work, contract negotions (resolved to a degree), and amassing a pile of rods and lines that need to be fished. Finally today I feel like that is all behind me (even though the yard isn't done). Starting soon here I will be hitting the river everyday after work instead of stopping at Menards for patio blocks. One of my main plans is to get my wife cast, atleast fishable casts. I need to get the boat out more, and get myself fishing more.

Will hope to get more fishing related posts up in the near future, and hopefully with some pics.